Frequently Asked Design Questions

How do you work with clients?

How long will this take?

How much is this going to cost?

How do you charge for your work?

Do you get a commission when I purchase items through your firm?

I can save a lot of money by shopping online. Why should I hire you?

I notice that you use a lot of color. Will I have to?

How can you make my space feel like me?

What makes a design green?

My spouse/partner and I can’t agree on what we want. How can you help us?

I have a general contractor. Do I need you also?

I have an architect. Why do I need you?

I can get a free design at the kitchen store. Why should I hire you?

What is the difference between a decorator and a designer?

What are your specialties?

What is your service area?

I’m interested. How do we get started?

Great, I want to work with you! Now what?

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  • frequently asked questions
  • frequently asked questions